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Marriage and AMG

December 29, 2015
It was 1985 when Paul Mengert and May Gayle Mengert were married. Paul and May Gayle have emphasized time and time again that everything they needed to know they learned from their thirty years of marriage. This has been a learning experience for them, as it should be for everyone, but it has been a good one!

Their first piece of advice is to follow your instincts, by which they mean to do the right thing. At Association Management Group, Paul Mengert has always done what he thought was right. He's in the business of protecting the best interests of their associations, so AMG has to act swiftly and decisively. A good association manager is like a good parent, they applaud when the right thing is done and use the wrong decisions as teaching moments.

Paul and May Gayle were always thrifty, spending only what they could afford. They have applied this same principle to their work with Association Management Group, ensuring the company's long-term future by emphasizing savings. They manage communities from all sorts of financial backgrounds and they always are able to offer a competitive price for their superior product.

There are of course other lessons—never stop learning, always give back to the community, and most importantly—have fun! The same lessons that have carried Paul Mengert's marriage for thirty years have also made AMG a more successful firm.