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Paul Mengert Association Management Group

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Paul Mengert and the AMG Difference

May 28, 2016
Upon creating his company, CEO Paul Mengert knew that he needed to set his community management business aside from others in some way. He needed to ensure that Association Management Group (AMG) was unique in this growing industry, in a field that ranged from small teams to national leaders. And since 1985, with Mengert at the helm, AMG has grown to manage more than 300 townhouses, condominiums and planned unit developments across North Carolina and South Carolina, becoming a significant forerunner within the trade.

AMG strives to bring a significant difference to its vast customer base, and that includes bringing in the top community management professionals as well as the most up-to-date resources and technologies. Mengert’s company prides itself on intensive training programs for HOA managers across both states, advanced management software, transition experts for companies joining AMG and superior customer service staff. AMG offers special programs for all HOA communities as well based on their individual needs and the desires of staff, clients and residents. Additionally, AMG boasts national accreditation for more than 20 years from the Community Associations Institute. These resources help AMG and Mengert rise above competitors big and small for more than 30 years.